links for 2011-01-03

  • An interactive view of the all the memes that swept across the internet and burrowed in our zeitgeist. Built from Wikipedia and Memelabs, open for you to add and maintain.
  • Google Analytics filters allow you manage and segment your incoming data giving you increased insight for your website. Google Analytics filters can be created for internal traffic, capturing sub domains, rewriting URLs within your reports, gaining a better understanding of referring keywords and even the exact page on Google where your traffic came from. Below we have found some blogs/articles which have created some excellent best practices, tips and usages for Google Analytics filters. Have a look….
  • Congratulations on getting a Twitter account (or having one for a while)! You’re now taking part in the biggest social experiment in human history (more on that later). But just because you’re floating in a global sea of idle thoughts doesn’t mean you have to drown.

    You can be a grownup and participate on Twitter, but it takes some doing. Here are the two ways I’ve found to use Twitter as an adult.

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