Link: We’re in an icon-sharpness limbo | simurai

We’re in an icon-sharpness limbo | simurai

“With the rise of Retina displays people are looking for resolution independent alternatives to PNG icons. Some fell in love with font-icons, some are shouting “SVG”. But I’m sorry, if you’re looking for a silver bullet, I’m afraid it doesn’t exist. Let’s take a closer look at our options:

Icon fonts are awesome, but.. 

they are not sharp. I mean really sharp, pixel-perfect kind of sharp. Using font-face for icons has become quite popular. I have been promoting and even started collecting them. But there is a flaw that keeps bugging me. They are still a tiny bit blurry on “non Retina” displays (which are still a huge majority). Try out the size slider in Chris’s demo and take a very close look. It varies at different sizes, but they all have this “half-pixel blurriness” problem. It might be hard to notice, so here a zoomed-in screenshot at 15px (also removed the background noise):

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