Link: Web Marketing Analyst Blog – analytics and conversion

Web Marketing Analyst Blog – analytics and conversion

With my background in conversion optimization, I was always faced with the same task of looking at web analytics data prior to doing any conversion optimization work. This created a need to be very proficient in using Google analytics tool. And as proper implementation was a must, I also had to learn how to troubleshoot Google analytics set up, including how to set up complex tracking (roll up reports, tracking across multiple domains, tracking events and social media), set up relevant KPIs and had to make sure that the analytics tags were installed on each page of a site. Naturally, this lead me to seek further education and in 2011, I became Master certified in web analytics. I had two excellent tutors, Avinash Kauhsik and John Marshall, whom I can thank for sharing their years of experience and understanding of the very fundamentals of analytics and analytics reporting.
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