Link: The Best Lorem Ipsum alternatives | Vertical Leap Blog

The Best Lorem Ipsum alternatives | Vertical Leap Blog

There are lots of times when creative finish artwork before the content is ready. Whether in print or the web, all hail Lorem Ipsum to save the day! And no, before you ask its not gobble-dee-gook, its Latin folks. Place filling with text like this is fantastic for two reasons; of course it helps with balancing design and layout but it can also help give the copy or content provider an idea of the number of words required.
Lorem ipsum has been part of my typesetting tool kit for many years so I was delighted to find Cupcake ipsum recently as a great alternative to place fill with cake and biscuit love. A quick search and there are a few others out there, 17 in all that are great alternatives to the standard text. We’ve all had a bit of fun with these in the office – there’s some rude ones, be warned!
Here’s a round up of the best of the generators out there that we could find.
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