Link: The Athasian Cartographer’s Guild

The Athasian Cartographer’s Guild

Greetings! You have found the Athasian Cartographer’s Guild, hosted by We hope to make this into the site for all material regarding the mapping and exploration of Athas. For the moment the archive mostly contains Brian Sanchez’s excellent DarkSun maps, though we are hosting a few maps made by others as well.

The Athasian Cartographers are a guild of freemen whose passion is mapping out the sands of Athas and uncovering the forgotten secrets and histories buried in the wastelands. The guild is beholden to no specific political power, neither Sorcerer King nor Merchant House, though individual members may be funded in their efforts by anyone. It is said that the Wanderer is a member of this organization (if so, perhaps the most famous and widely traveled of them).

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