Link: The 10 Greatest Supernatural Stephen King Villains

The 10 Greatest Supernatural Stephen King Villains

There’s no shortage of bad guys in Stephen King novels and movies. But the most terrifying are those with supernatural powers that really make life difficult for everyone around them! The name Stephen King conjures up images of horrific creatures, monsters, places, and stories, and some of the most enduring villains in fiction. Beings of unimaginable evil that test the limits of his protagonist’s will to survive, some of these villains have gone on to become almost as famous, or infamous, as the writer himself. Many of these villains are monsters of the human variety, serial killers, power hungry despots, or nihilists of the vilest order, but his most memorable villains are supernatural beings that use their dark powers to twist the orderly world around them into a special place of chaos and pain. Here are just a few of King’s best supernatural madmen and monsters.
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