Link: Stop Misusing Select Menus – UX Movement

Stop Misusing Select Menus – UX Movement

A form has many user interface elements. If you don’t know how to use them all properly, you could make filling out forms difficult for your users. One interface element that’s commonly misused is the select menu.
When to Use a Select Menu

Sometimes you’ll find a select menu with 2 options and sometimes with over 20 options. In both cases, the select menu is used wrong. When you have less than 5 options for users to select from, you should use radio buttons. This allows users to make their choice faster and easier because all they have to do is look at their options and click once. With a select menu, users have to click the menu, scroll to an option and click again. A select menu also keeps the other options hidden until the user clicks it. When you have less than 5 options, it’s better to visibly lay them all out on the form with radio buttons so that users can scan them quicker.

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