Link: Standing Rock Cleanup Crew: the True Story

Standing Rock Cleanup Crew: the True Story

I was hoping I could get ten warm bodies to Standing Rock before the eviction on February 22, 2017. Ten people, from all the friends who had expressed interest and all the people who had been there and were feeling a call to go back in the final days of Oceti Oyate: the frontline NO DAPL encampment. I was hoping I could raise $11,000 to cover plane tickets for those ten warm bodies, rent a monster truck, a passenger van, and a couple recovery nights at the Prarie Knights Casino ten miles down the road from Oceti. Instead I raised just over $2,000 which went to help myself and Activate Now Media founder Ed Higgins get there, rent a monstrous truck for 10 days, buy supplies needed for the breakdown, two nights in a hotel, tobacco for the folks at camp, and some financial support for the family who ran Oglala Kitchen, in a shocking turn of events on the day of the eviction. To everyone who contributed, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Every single dollar went towards helping clean-up in those final, epic and challenging days of Oceti Oyate.
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