Link: Recording Revisited « Things I Meant to Blog – 2.0

Recording Revisited « Things I Meant to Blog – 2.0

Some of you may recall that a while back I wrote a blog post titled “Twelve Things Your Band Should Know Before Going into the Studio.” Well, I’ve been doing some studio work lately, and I re-read that post. I think that prior to any future projects, I’m going to re-draft that into more or less an ethical code of conduct that the band has to read and sign before they commit one note to tape (or disc…or whatever we use in The Future…). It just seems like so many people don’t use common sense when it comes time to record.

I wanted to re-visit a couple of the points from that list. These are what I consider the worst offenses you can commit in my home/studio. I’m keeping some of the wording the same, but changing up some of it too… So let’s go…

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