Link: MTV Multiplayer – E3 2012: LucasArts Announces “Star Wars 1313?

MTV Multiplayer – E3 2012: LucasArts Announces “Star Wars 1313?

Play as a bounty hunter in the underworld of Corsucant in the upcoming third-person action game.

The upcoming game places you in the role of an unnamed bounty hunter bent on sniffing out a criminal conspiracy brewing in the underbelly of the planet Coruscant. The press release from LucasArts stresses that 1313, named for a level in the criminal underground of the planet, will be “dark and mature,” certainly an answer to the Star Wars faithful who might not have fallen for the family-friendly charms of something like Star Wars Kinect.

While it’s unclear at what point in the canon 1313 takes place, you can imagine that it’ll probably be sometime around or before the events of the original trilogy, meaning you can probably expect to be dealing with Hutts in some fashion.

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