Link: Effective Communication Within Your Company Website : Michigan Marketer

Effective Communication Within Your Company Website : Michigan Marketer

As a web development professional and a self-proclaimed usability guru, I have experienced a couple recurring attitudes when it comes to business people in regards to their website. The first one I hear is “I am struggling to come up with what to say on my website”. I find this interesting because if I begin inquiring, while we are face to face, about what they do, how they started their company, what makes them stand out from their competitors and other such questions, it is hard to shut them up once they’ve started. If you are a business person and you don’t have “a story” that lifts the veil on the passion that drives you to do what you do and do it better than everyone else, you might be in the wrong profession. Most started doing what they do because they saw a way they can help others and the prospect of helping and making money in the process excited them. What is holding you back from communicating that passion and excitement in the pages of your dot com? Do you share about your business different in person than you do on your “about us” page?
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