Link: Ctrl+Alt+Del – Unstoppable (2012-04-04)

Ctrl+Alt+Del – Unstoppable (2012-04-04)

However cashing in on a different/younger crowd like this is not “George Lucas ‘raping’ my childhood.'” My childhood was fantastic, and the original trilogy was a major part of it, capturing my imagination and providing me many, many hours of entertainment (both through the films themselves, and diving into the EU when I was in high school). Han Solo dancing to pop music, while laughably silly, does not detract from any of that. Likewise, Han Solo shooting second now does not erase from memory the first time I saw ANH (where he indeed shot first).

I think too many people say “George Lucas is destroying Star Wars/my childhood!” when what they really mean to say is “I want new Star Wars stuff to appeal to me as much as the old stuff, and it doesn’t. I’m really disappointed.”

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