Link: Carrie Fisher, Our Princess, Passes Away |

Carrie Fisher, Our Princess, Passes Away |

With a smile, with a blaster, with a pen, Carrie Fisher was magic. She was a gifted actor and talented writer. She was an original. We at Lucasfilm will always consider her family. Our princess, our general. And we are heartbroken that she has left us.

Just 19 when cast as Princess Leia Organa in George Lucas’ Star Wars (1977), Fisher, the daughter of singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds, imbued the role with a rebellious confidence and stateliness. Fisher’s Leia was a leader, quick to pick up a blaster and take charge while the boys bickered. Not many actors can share the screen — and barbs — with Darth Vader one moment and Han Solo the next. Carrie could, and as a result, she created an icon that still inspires women and men some 40 years later. The term “strong female character” is thrown around a lot today in pop culture, but Carrie designed the blueprint.

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