Link: 4 Things Not To Do On Netflix — — Readability

4 Things Not To Do On Netflix — — Readability

For many Internet commenters and desk-chair pundits, there is no more enjoyable pastime than ripping both the selection of Netflix’s streaming library and the amount it costs to access that library each month. If there were an Internet Olympics, “Complaining About Netflix” would doubtless be a marquee event, along with “Slap-Fighting Over Apple And Android,” “Mocking Research-In-Motion” and “Threatening To Quit Facebook After A Redesign.”

We’ve put together this small Netflix guide — for Olympian Netflix Bellyachers and otherwise — to help you get the most out of your Netflix, to really suck the marrow out of the bone of your subscription. And while there’s little you can personally do to improve Netflix’s catalogue (unless you are the President of HBO, in which case: We need to talk) these tips and tricks can enhance your experience and the quality of the films that get delivered to your eyeballs.

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