Link: 3 Fan Communities That Hate Their Own Members |

3 Fan Communities That Hate Their Own Members |

There’s a handful of fan communities to which I have belonged for pretty much my entire life, because being a member of a fan community is pretty much the only type of club you can join that doesn’t require you to interact with more than two or three people at a time, and I excel at this. You don’t have to carry on a dynamic conversation to buy a Cursive CD or a Ghost Rider comic — you just have to be able to grunt enough syllables to exchange money and scurry back to your father’s Mercury Sable for a spirited ride to your empty bedroom. All of the groups to which I claim allegiance are “outsider” communities that espouse a culture of inclusiveness, support, and non-judgment and depend on constant influxes of new members in order to continue existing, yet at some point the fans of these communities decided it was up to them to prevent new people from joining them at all costs. And even if you’ve been a member for years, your fellow Hellboy and Modest Mouse enthusiasts are waiting for the first sign of weakness to swoop in and boot you straight out the door.
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